Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mom make over

With my mother I wanted to not use a lot of makeup because 1. she does not like makeup. The less is better for her. I did put some foundation and just set it with translucent powder. U used some eye shadow that had no sparkle and did a brown liner so make it soft. Some color on the cheeks and some color on the lips. She looked AMAZING!!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Garnier Fructis

I am INLOVE with Garnier because am currently in the process of trying to restore my hair. My hair has gotten really dry these couple of days so I decided to take a drive to Walmart and see what new hair products they had. I purchased the Damage control, strength reconstructing butter and the Damage control, split end bandage. Both are less than $5 dollars each. My routine is to use any shampoo then I do use the damage control conditioner and then I apply the reconstructive butter but only on the bottom part of my hair (not on scalp) I leave it for about 3minutes. After towel drying my hair I put on the split end bandage and only on the bottom half of my hair. I saw results in 2 days and I cant wait for the 5th day. My hair feels soft and smooth.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Date look

I decided to have my brother's girlfriend be my face model. We did makeup and hair, this look is a simple going out on a date or a night out with friends. A natural look with pink cheeks and a nude pink lip.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Ouchless Hair Brush

Who doesn't like to brush their hair when is wet or tangled?? I know I DO NOT. I hate the hair pulling because it causes so much damage to the hair. I love the brushes with large gaps in between the teeth of the brush. The first brush I purchased was the one on the right (light pink) Ouchless, by Goody. I got this one from Walmart. The one on the left side (hot pink) by Swissco, from Ross. I tend to use the Ouchless much more, it is the BEST brush EVER!!! I can't remember how much it was but online it says $5.04 and the Swissco cost me about $4.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

MAC lipsticks

Who does not like MAC lipsticks!

MAC lipsticks are my all time favorites! I am in love with their lipsticks because they are very pigmented and also they have matte colors. I am not into the shine lipsticks unless I am feeling that shimmer lip. They also stay on your lips longer when they are matte, in my book. Lip colors are the one makeup that every girl needs because with a colorful lip you don't need all the extra makeup. Oh and also mascara. Also applying lip liner all over the lips before applying your lipstick works as a lip primer.

Left: living legend,diva, heroine, up the amp, ruby woo, vegas volt, chatter box, viva glam II, matte enchanted one.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

E.L.F Cosmetics and Bruhes

E.L.F Cosmetics
 The e.l.f cosmetics are a very affordable cosmetic brand that is a good quality. e.l.f has become more known about their products. My cousin aka Cherrie told me about her e.l.f matte lip color that she loves and also the Rimmel Kate lip collection. I decided to post about my e.l.f products that I currently own and love. Some I love more than others. My favorites are the eye shadow brushes, the powder brushes, complexion brush and the blush brush, I LOVE em!!! The matte lip colors are the BEST, very smooth to put on but try up to look matte and they are only $3. The two matte lip colors I purchased are (natural, nearly nude)  . I also like the brush cleaner and it smells really good, also $3. I purchased one blush color (pink passion) $3 and is a bright pink.
e.l.f brushes
$3 each at Target
left to right: angled eyeliner, small angled, flawless concealer, small stipple, blush complexion, powder, powder brushes.
Professional e.l.f brushes
$1 each at Target
left to right: blending brush and 3 eye shadow brushes

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cover Girl haul

Cover Girl Lipsticks
I went to Rite Aid and Cover Girl had a sale buy one get the second 50% off. Then I noticed these lip sticks and they were 75% off from original $7.99 to $1.99 so I decided to get 5 and the blastflipstick was $9.99 to 2.49
Top: Cover Girl blastflipstick blendable lip duo 
(815 flashy) 
Bottom: 260heavenly paradisiaque, 256 crème, 327 bombshell explosion, 200 sultry sensuelle, 323 delicious exquis